5 Year Warranty


Capable of absorbing solar energy in the toughest of weather reducing costs in electricity and leaving a green footprint on the Earth!


Efficient, low profile, aesthetically pleasing, corrosion-, freeze- and hail resistant, easy installation, no maintenance.


We can provide you with a plumber's quote for installation: 

Cape Town & Gauteng 

Estimated installation cost is ±R3600 which includes placement and connection, installation materials, standard 4 metre installation. The installtion usually takes 1 day and comes with a 24 month workmanship guarantee.


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2.0 Flat Plate Solar Collector | Economy | ex VAT

  • Outline area 2 m ²
    Aperture area 1.89 m ²
    Absorption area 1.82 m ²
    Dimensions 2000 x 1000 x 80 mm
    NW 33/34 kg
    Capacity of copper pipe 2.3 ℓ
    Transparent copper Ordinary fabric surface tempered
    Aperture rate ≥ 91%
    Thickness transparent cover 3.22 mm
    Absorber material Aluminium plate
    Thickness of absorber Aluminium 0.40 mm ( 948 x 1948 mm )
    Heat absorption rate 95 ± 2%
    Emission rate 4 ± 2%
    Welding Technique between copper pipe and absorber Laser welding ( spot welding double pitch 3 mm )
    Head tubes Ø 22 x 0.8 mm copper tube
    Riser tubes Ø 10 x 0.6 mm copper tube
    Insulation materials Fiberglass
    Insulation thickness 20 mm
    Alloy frame material Aluminium-magnesium
    Frame Colour Black, bronze, silver and white
    Backplate materials Galvanized sheet
    Backplate thickness 0.5 mm
    Sealing Material EPDM
    Heat medium Pure water or glycol medium
    Testing pressure of inner circulation 1.2 Mpa
    Working Pressure of inner circulation 0.6 Mpa
    Instruction angle 30 - 90 °C
    Operation temperature 200 °C