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What We Offer

-  Plumbing

-  Solar Panels, inverters and batteries


-  Maintenance, renovations and upgrades

-  Intelligent controllers, faulty, troubleshooting

-  Pool pumps, heat pumps, swimming pool panels


Why go Solar?

Reduce your energy consumption bill by as much as 40% to 50%

-  Save electricity and have your solar system pay for itself within 3 - 5 years


Increase your property value by having your own free source of renewable energy

Become independent from the electricity supplied by your local municipality or Eskom

Protect yourself against rising electricity costs

Grey House
Flat Plate.jpg

-  Low-iron tempered, textured glass provides       an excellent strength, anti-glare surface with       92% solar transmittance

-  Suitable for both residential and commercial       projects

-  Our patented special design frame and               unique structure provide a robust                       construction with absolute tightness to               prevent formation of water mist inside the           collector.

-  Full back embossed aluminum plate features       both high aesthetics and anti-corrosion

-  Comprehensive 5 year limited warranty

-  High efficiency evacuated heat-pipe                   circulation with 360° heat exchange for more       heat transfer

-  Suitable for both residential and commercial       projects

-  Steam-back and drain-back compatible header

-  Easy to install designed aluminum frame with     corrosion resistance

-  Comprehensive 5 year limited warranty

White House with Lights
15 Tubes.jpg
Suburban House
Thermosiphon Flat Plate.jpg

-  Cheap and reliable

-  Method of passive heat exchange based on         natural convection

-  Can be equipped with either flat plate solar       collectors or evacuated tubes

-  Does not require pumps or controls

-  Minimizes heat loss during the night

-  Comprehensive 5 year limited warranty

-  Convert your existing geyser into a solar geyser

-  Geyser can be installed inside your roof as it is a pumped system

- Includes a thermal controller for desired water temperature

- Comprehensive 5 year limited warranty

Country House
Evacuated Tube Conversion Kit 300L.jpg
Luxury House

-  Power efficient, stable and can be recharged       thousands of times

-  High energy density and voltage capacity

-  Low discharge rate

- Local diagnostics and monitoring available         with supporting smartphones, PC's and as           other compatible devices shared via a local         WIFI connection

-  Yttrium-fortified cathode to deter against           accelerated fade and degradation

-  Comprehensive 10 year limited warranty

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