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Standalone Solar Water Heaters

Flat Plate Solar Collector

Grey House
Flat Plate.jpg

-  Low-iron tempered, textured glass provides       an excellent strength, anti-glare surface with       92% solar transmittance

-  Suitable for both residential and commercial       projects

-  Our patented special design frame and               unique structure provide a robust                       construction with absolute tightness to               prevent formation of water mist inside the           collector.

-  Full back embossed aluminum plate features       both high aesthetics and anti-corrosion

-  Comprehensive 5 year limited warranty

Evacuated Solar Tubes

-  High efficiency evacuated heat-pipe                   circulation with 360° heat exchange for more       heat transfer

-  Suitable for both residential and commercial       projects

-  Steam-back and drain-back compatible header

-  Easy to install designed aluminum frame with     corrosion resistance

-  Comprehensive 5 year limited warranty

White House with Lights
15 Tubes.jpg
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