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5 Year Warranty + Higher Performance!


Capable of absorbing solar energy in the toughest of weather reducing costs in electricity and leaving a green footprint on the Earth!

Only recommended for coastal and non freezing areas.


Efficient, low profile, aesthetically pleasing, corrosion-, freeze- and hail resistant, easy installation, no maintenance.


We can provide you with a plumber's quote for installation: 

Cape Town & Gauteng 

Estimated installation cost is ±R4174 which includes placement and connection, installation materials, standard 4 metre installation. The installtion usually takes 1 day and comes with a 24 month workmanship guarantee.


Displayed images may differ from final product.


Listed price excluding VAT.

100 Litre Direct Evacuated Tube Thermosiphon Solar Geyser Kit | ex VAT

  • Tube quantity 12 tubes
    Manifold casing material Aluminium alloy
    Manifold size 100 x 130 mm
    Aluminium fin 1 long folded piece
    Vacuum tube 3 targets
    Tube cover Screw type
    Reflector Excluded
    Frame Material Aluminium alloy
    Collector performance data 0.714
    Optimal flow rate 0.1 ℓ / min / tube - 0.026 G / min / tube
    Maximum test pressure 9 bar
    Outer copper tube diameter 22 mm
    Inner copper tube diameter 20 mm
    Insulation 140 kg / m³ mineral wood
    Optimal installation angle 30 - 70° vertical, 0° horizontal

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